Facial Rejuvenation

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I was thrilled with my results. The look is natural. It gave me just the feeling I wanted to appear just a little bit younger. I am very   happy!

Cindy, Age 54 - Newton, MA

I had Restylane® in my lips prior to Dr. Weinfeld. The end result was not pleasing. I couldn't wait for the product to be reabsorbed. I gave it one more try with Dr. Weinfeld, and could not believe the difference. My lips looked like they belonged to me, but 15 years ago.


t Dermatology and Skin Care Associates, we listen to your concerns and carefully

explain your options, focusing on which techniques will help you the most. We focus on refreshing and supplementing your own natural appearance so that our patients look relaxed and refreshed, but never unnatural.

Filler: Fillers are gels including Juvaderm®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and Radiesse®, made up of natural hyaluronic acids and calcium hydroxyappetite that restore a more youthful appearance by replenishing volume and erasing lines usually in the lower half of the face. Fillers smooth out the lines between your cheeks and mouth, and they restore lost volume around the cheeks, mouth, and jaw line. Treatments can last a year or longer.

Note: We want to thank the patients shown here who have agreed to allow us to use their un-retouched before and after photographs, in order to educate others about what we can achieve for your skin.

Nasolabial folds and marionette lines smoothed with Juvaderm®.

Restylane® used for Nasolabial fold.
Thin upper lip fillled out with Juvaderm®.

Smile lines treated with Restylane®.
"Bags" under the eyes improved without surgery.