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premier Boston-Wellesley area dermatologists I am a new patient and from my first phone call to the office staff I felt welcome. Dr. Weinfeld was professional but relaxed and down to earth. Other dermatologists I have encountered can be judgemental. Not here! premier Boston-Wellesley area dermatologists

Chris, Age 53 - Holliston, MA

Dr.Goodkin is professional and courteous. She has effectively treated all of my skin problems and is always available to answer my questions. medical and cosmetic dermatology center

John, Age 49 - Natick, MA

I came to see Dr. Weinfeld for help treating acne...A constant source of pain and embarrassment, my acne affected my psyche as much if not more than my actual appearance...but with Dr. Weinfeld's comprehensive and personalized attack on my acne I now have clear beautiful skin and the confidence to go along with that. Thanks so much!advanced acne treatment

Lucia, Age 18 - Newton, MA

t our Dermatology and Skin Care Associates office in Wellesley, Massachusetts, we

provide state-of-the-art, personalized care for our patients in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We use the latest medical expertise and techniques to treat common and rare skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, eczema and atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo, warts, molluscum, skin allergies and rashes, and skin cancer.
Our physicians use their expertise to individualize treatment for each patient. We will follow up with you to make sure that your skin improves after you start your treatment program, and to make sure that you are satisfied with the progress of your treatment.

We will also counsel you on preventive care of your skin so that you can use the latest medical knowledge to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Whether you are 9 days, 9 years, or 99 years old, we will help you care for and improve your skin.

Acne: Acne can affect people at any age-- babies, pre-teens, teenagers, adults into their 30s and 40s and beyond. We recommend a wide variety of treatments based on your age, skin type, severity and type of acne, and your response to prior therapies. Prescription treatments can include topical medications such as retinoid or antimicrobial creams, oral medications such as antibiotics and hormone modulators, Accutane or laser treatments. We also provide lifestyle advice to help keep your skin acne-free.

Psoriasis: Since psoriasis can affect your quality of life, it is important that you manage this condition well. At Dermatology and Skin Care Associates, we are skilled in the newest techniques for treating mild, moderate and severe cases. We personalize treatment for each patient, with therapies that may involve topical treatments, oral medications, biologic injections, or laser and ultraviolet light therapy/XTRAC.

Vitiligo: Vitiligo produces patches of skin without pigment (color). Our physicians individualize treatment, based on how widespread the condition may be and other individual factors. Therapies may include topical creams or one of the newest treatments available to dermatologists using the XTRAC narrow band laser.

Warts and Molluscum: At Dermatology and Skin Care Associates, we have a variety of treatments for warts and molluscum, based on the patient's age and the type of wart. We may recommend specific over-the-counter products, use cryotherapy (freezing the wart), cantharidin (application of blister beetle extract), candida antigen injections, chemotherapy or immunomodulatory creams or laser treatments.

Rosacea: Patients with rosacea benefit from understanding the triggers that worsen their skin, so we review dietary and lifestyle modifications that might help your skin. We individualize treatment with topical or oral antibiotics or anti-inflammatory agents and recommend laser therapy when appropriate. The positive results of treatment for rosacea may take several weeks or longer to appear, so our doctors and staff work to support our patients and ensure that their treatment is right for each individual.

Eczema: Our dermatologists assess the type of eczema you have and its causes so that we can effectively treat this itchy, patchy skin condition. We individualize treatments for each patient and work with you to keep up a good skin care routine. Depending on the cause of your eczema, treatment may include skin creams, antibiotics, antihistamines and other medications.

Note: We diagnose and treat many other skin conditions.