Pediatrics and Teens

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Dr. Goodkin was very understanding and had beautiful skin! She made me aware of possible causes and reasons of skin irritation. I feel confident that my irritation will finally be resolved due to the care prescribed by the friendly Dr. Goodkin!

Andrea, Age 17 - Walpole, MA

They give you a lot of information. There careful. (They give you a lot of information. They're careful.)

Will, Age 7 - Wellesley, MA

Dr. Weinfeld is a joy and also made me feel very comfortable.

Francesca, Age 16 - Plainville, MA

Dr. Goodkin was very helpful and thorough in explaining my son's diagnosis. She was so patient with his “nervousness” but answered all of his questions.

Beth, Age 40 - Sudbury, MA

t Dermatology and Skin Care Associates, in Wellesley, Massachusetts, our physicians

are trained in adult and pediatric dermatology. We are skilled in working with children and teens, helping them feel comfortable and treating each child and teenager as an individual. Our dermatologists talk with each child and teen on his or her level, trying to address the child's or teenager's concerns.

Most babies can be examined while held comfortably on a caregiver's lap (although to see the skin you need to remove their clothing). For young children, we often start off the visit with a joke to help the child feel comfortable (for example, asking a six year old, “So you are 10, right?”). This usually helps the child relax. After all, the child is the authority on his or her own body!

For teenagers, we take time to explain why the body works the way it does to help them understand why certain behaviors are important, or why certain medicines are helpful and how to use them. For example, for a teen with acne we might explain that sweat after exercise leads to clogged pores, which is why washing immediately after sports is important.

If your child or teen needs a procedure, our dermatologists have a calm, honest approach. We believe in being honest about whether a procedure might hurt (“a numbing shot usually feels like a big pinch”), and we do our best to make our children and teens comfortable. For example, if a biopsy is needed, we have ice packs, topical numbing cream, and lollipops available. Most procedures can be done under local anesthesia while the child or teen listens to music or watches a movie on a portable DVD player (please see the surgical section for more details).

Note: We can see children with a caregiver and teens on their own, but we prefer to have a parent available in person if possible (or by cell phone) to discuss any health issues that come up during the visit. As a parent you can call us to discuss your child or teen's health issues. We will protect your teen's privacy as mandated by law, but we will encourage your teen to discuss any pressing issues with you, as parents are important partners in a healthy lifestyle.