When I first came to the practice, about 60% of my scalp was covered [with psoriasis], and no other treatments had worked for [many] years. The treatment worked very well...all my psoriasis has gone into recession except a very stubborn area...I highly recommend the XTRAC treatment. 

Holly B, Age 20s - Wellesley, MA

 I was referred to Dr. Weinfeld by another dermatologist specifically for XTRAC treatment and was immediately impressed by the personal care and attention that Dr. Weinfeld showed me. She works closely with my other dermatologist to come up with a care plan that best suits me. She consistently offers me support and advice for [the] most current treatment options to help me manage an ongoing autoimmune condition. The entire staff is exceptional from the front office to billing to the techs who administer my treatments. I have received outstanding care.

The XTRAC treatment has been very helpful [for] my autoimmune condition. Treatment is two times per week and I enjoy coming to the office because everyone is so nice and helpful!

J.M, Age 40s - Medway, MA

hototherapy is the use of carefully controlled wavelengths of ultraviolet light to safely

treat light-responsive skin conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo, alopecia areata, lichen planus, eczema/atopic dermatitis, cutaneous T cell lymphoma, pruritus (itching), and other light responsive conditions.

phototherapy boothAt Dermatology and Skin Care Associates, we have state-of-the-art phototherapy equipment, including a total body Narrow Band UVB booth, the safest type of light therapy, as well as a more targeted XTRAC Narrow Band UVB laser.  Narrow band UVB can achieve impressive results without exposing patients to systemic medications with more serious side effects.  

When skin disease is extensive, our total body Narrow Band UVB booth relieves patients of the difficulty and inconvenience of spreading creams over large areas of the body. With limited disease, our XTRAC Narrow Band UVB laser targets the treatment exactly to the skin areas that need it most.

We can treat skin conditions literally from head to toe, for optimal results.

Phototherapy patients typically come in twice or three times weekly for short treatments of 5-15 minutes. Our treatments are carefully supervised by our physicians, all of whom have extensive experience and training in phototherapy.

Our Wellesley office is conveniently located just off Route 16, near the intersection with Route 9, and we have free parking. To schedule an appointment, please call 781-235-8155.