Surgical Dermatology

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Dr. Weinfeld's professional meticulous manner was most reassuring. Her approach was comforting, as she explained what the procedure entailed, and was always concerned that I was comfortable. All in all, a wonderfully pleasant visit. The best dermatologist I ever visited.

Ken, Age 54 - Chestnut Hill, MA

I came in for a spot on my lip I was concerned about and was worried it could be cancerous. Dr. Goodkin took a biopsy of it and numbed it so I didn't feel it and it was a better experience than I thought. I felt very comfortable. She also checked other areas just to make sure which made me feel better.

Jillian, Age 21 - Manchester, NH

I had skin tags removed.I could feel them and was constantly touching them. Now that they are gone I can honestly say it was the best $200 I've spent!

Susan, Age 52 - Needham, MA

ur dermatologists at Dermatology and Skin Care Associates are

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skilled in the latest techniques for skin surgery and take a caring, compassionate approach to treatment. Our physicians treat patients of all ages-- adults, teens and children. We use state-of-the-art surgical techniques to perform skin cancer surgery, mole and cyst removal, skin biopsies, skin tag and milia removal, and ear piercing in our Wellesley, Massachusetts dermatology office.

At Dermatology and Skin Care Associates, we understand that any procedure can be unsettling, so our staff focuses on helping our patients feel comfortable throughout their visit. Our staff supports patients with basic yet invaluable hand-holding, and soothing music is available if needed. Parents can bring music or DVD players to help children relax.

All surgical speciments are sent to nationally renowned dermatopathologists. Results are typically available within a few days, and we always notify patients of all results.

Our skilled physicians perform:

Skin cancer surgery: Most skin cancers can be removed in our office under local ´┐Żanesthesia in 30 minutes or less. In most cases, patients can return to most normal activities the same day.

Mole removal, cyst removal, and skin biopsies: Most moles and cysts can be removed under local anesthesia in fewer than 10-15 minutes. In most cases, patients can resume most normal activities the same day. Our physicians guide our patients through any required follow up and provide expert advice on treatment.

Removal of skin tags, oil glands, and milia: Our physicians remove these benign growths with the latest techniques.

Ear piercing: Our physicians use single-use, hypoallergenic piercing kits to minimize risk of infection and allergies. Hypoallergenic gold-colored, silver-colored and simulated-diamond earrings are available. We use topical numbing cream, which is both comforting and calming, and consult with you to set the exact position for ear piercing to achieve the best aesthetic result.

NOTE: If more extensive surgical procedures are required such as Mohs surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy, or plastic surgery, we refer patients to top specialists in Wellesley and downtown Boston. We work closely with the patients and physicians throughout the referral and treatment process, and we remain available for any questions or concerns that may arise.